About ‘A New Wave of Extraordinary’

“Our goal was to conceive a space where nature and imagination can grow and regain their freedom in the Village”.   KRJST

Mixing the tradition of tapestry with modern digital techniques developed in the TextielLab of the TextielMuseum in Tilburg, KRJST’s monumental tapestries act as symbolic gateways into their alternative vision of Maasmechelen Village - from shopping destination to enchanted garden.  Like wild flowers growing in a city, connecting nature and architecture through a symbiosis of imagination, story-telling and craftsmanship, each weaving represents a different landscape and combination of natural elements – fire, water, leaves, rocks, flowers and crystals.

Four designs have been specifically created for Maasmechelen Village.

A vista of snow topped mountains surrounded by exotic plants and crystallised waters can be found in the Square near the Clock Tower and Main Square.

The Tourist Information Centre Archway depicts a symbiosis of the elements and a meeting point of crystal, fire and bronze.

Crystal flowers blossoming from water and leaves can be found on the tapestry adorning the Triangle Archway entrance to the Village.

With their fourth design, KRJST’s playfulness is fully realised in the dreamscape wallpaper and vinyls in the gallery experience space.

At the heart of KRJST’s enchanted garden lies their ‘chapel’, an immersive, multi-sensory gallery experience space in which KRJST disrupt the boundary between spectator and artwork.  To complement KRJST’s vision, musician Frédéric Becker has created an atmospheric audio-work inspired by their prints, which fuses the sound of the weaving machine used in the production of the tapestries, with instruments, electronic and nature. 

Open daily between 11am and 7pm, the walls, ceiling and floor of this space of good fortune are wrapped in KRJST’s signature colourful wallpaper and vinyl.  An infinity mirror encourages those important selfie-moments and taking centre stage another beautiful hanging tapestry invites visitors not only to touch, but also choose a lucky yarn to unpick and take home.

Two geometric sculptures can also be discovered the Village.  These represent snowy mountains covered in frozen plants and as daylight fades they act as lanterns to guide visitors through the enchanted garden and to the back wall, where visitors are left to reflect on KRJST’s enigmatic statement “never let the truth waste a good story”.



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