KRJST was founded in 2012 by La Cambre fashion graduates Erika Schillebeeckx (KR) and Justine de Moriamé (JST), who quickly established themselves as part of the Belgian ‘Nouvelle Vague’ (New Wave) designers, with their experimental and abstract prints. Inspired by Far Eastern mediation and a passion to reinvigorate the traditional Belgian technique of tapestry weaving for the 21st century, their innovative designs reflect the results of their eclectic approach.

As well as designing their own collections,  KRJST’s colourful prints and designs are also to be found in collaborations with Eastpak, Huawei and Disney.  As their visual experimentation and interests have evolved, KRJST has developed into an artistic duo, working in diverse media including painting, photography, 3D design and sculpture.  This year they have exhibited in a number of prestigious art fairs in Amsterdam, Beirut, Paris and at Frieze, London.  They also created the scenography for Belfius Art exhibition in Brussels.  Now equally at home in international art galleries as well as in their studio in Brussels, KRJST’s multi-disciplinary approach challenges perceptions of what constitutes fashion and art, fantasy and reality.


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