A la Carte

Diamond Exhibition

A la Carte, a culinary journey

Your last chance to set eyes on the 29 winning unique diamond jewellery of the international competition.

From 1 to 17 July Maasmechelen Village hosts the international diamond jewellery exhibition ‘A la Carte, a culinary journey’, organized by HRD Antwerp. These jewellery pieces were exhibited at Expo Milan and, before they embark on a tour in Asia, you can view them exclusively at Maasmechelen Village.


Grab your chance to visit the exhibition in June and enjoy 20% savings on the outletprice at Rodania or Links of London.*

*Collect your voucher at the exhibition. View voucher for terms and conditions.

Malory Allegaert – My Granny’s best recipes

For every type of animal, there was a specific taste and a typical recipe, for example the chicken with ‘coq au vin’. They are recipes we all know, which go from family member to family member and sometimes they get a little change to adapt them to the current favoured taste. I wanted to gravure the recipes on the back of the animals, but when you clean up these jewels the gravures will be hard to read after a while. That’s why I decided to create an extra hanger with a tiny micro-USB in it. So now, you have the different animal hangers, with a tiny USB where you can find the recipes.

Annelies Weinberger – A Taste of Life

I am not really a ‘foodie’ myself, but being a passionate traveller I was inspired by the different ways of eating and preparing food in other cultures. This led to the concept for my jewel. The bowls are my interpretation of finger food today; the merging of the world’s diversity in cuisines and traditions into our contemporary fusion cuisine. The expression ‘finger-licking good’ was the inspiration for the way my design has to be worn; on the fingertips. But the silver bowls also nostalgically take me back to my grandmother’s Sunday dinner table.

Evi Bakker – A Table – Ring

In my opinion, people are not only going on a restaurant for the food. They go to a restaurant for the experience. You know what I’m talking about: nicely dressed tables, crystal chandeliers, candles, comfortable chairs. The decoration creates the ‘a la carte’ impression, which is the ultimate restaurant experience. And this restaurant decoration is the same as the function of jewellery. You’ll dress up to shine, to experience…