Discover Diamonds Differently...

Tears cried by gods, splinters of stars… however you choose to describe them, diamonds have held our fascination since the beginning of time. As of May Maasmechelen Village will play host to a dazzling showcase of these, the most alluring of gemstones.

The 4 C's

Come and discover diamonds from all sizes, from 0.1 to 10 carat. Also learn more on how the four C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) have an impact on the value of a diamond.   

De Beers

Diamond partner

The De Beers mission is to provide a premium grading service and equipment unique to the diamond industry. The IIDGR (a De Beers Group Company) strives to apply every part of their expertise to every diamond by only grading and inscribing naturally occurring diamonds using ground breaking proprietary technology.

Dali Diamond

Diamond partner

Third generation in Antwerp since 1950, Dali Diamond’s passion for diamonds has made them a preferred supplier to the world’s leading jewelers.


Diamond partner

UNTOLD is a diamond story telling brand. They help to tell your stories by crafting your unique piece of Diamond jewelry that breathes emotion and personality. Through this journey your wishes will be translated into a one-of-a kind piece of diamond jewelry.

Diamanti Per Tutti

Diamond partner

Proud of its Antwerp roots, Diamanti Per Tutti makes diamond jewelry fun, fashionable and accessible. Their jewelry is made from Sterling Silver, handset with ethically sourced natural diamonds and gemstones. With an average price of 150€, Diamanti Per Tutti is making diamond jewelry truly accessible ‘Per Tutti’.

Joke Quick

Diamond partner

"Rare and distinctive gems and diamonds that transform into seductive objects is magical. Colour and contrast are my business card. I love the 'double ententes' and everything that makes a ring a sparkling 'compagnion de route' for those who wear it. " You will instantly fall in love with the creations of Joke Quick. She received her love for gems from her grandfather, a diamond dealer and jeweller. Her jewels breathe pure elegance and characterize harmony.