As part of its Best of Belgium campaign, Maasmechelen Village is delighted to present a multi-sensory art installation by Brussels art duo KRJST. Led by La Cambre graduates Erika Schillebeeckx and Justine de Moriamé, until the end of December Maasmechelen Village will be transformed by KRJST’s vision of an enchanted garden.

In their largest art installation to date, KRJST’s monumental weavings and sculptures invite guests on a journey of discovery and contemplation throughout the Village. As the weavings move in the wind and reflect the light throughout the day, the richness of the fabrics and the vibrant colours can be appreciated by all. Geometric sculptures add intrigue and invite further exploration.

KRJST’s designs pass from physical to digital and from digital back to physical. Their multi-disciplinary approach mixes the old with the new, craft and technology. “A New Wave of Extraordinary” at Maasmechelen Village blurs the lines between art and design, reality and fantasy. With no limits to their imagination, it is only natural that a shopping centre can be an enchanted garden. KRJST will never let the truth waste a good story.

At the heart of KRJST’s enchanted garden lies their ‘chapel’, an immersive, multi-sensory gallery experience space, open daily between 11am and 7pm, in which KRJST’s playfulness is fully realised and the boundary between spectator and artwork is disrupted. 


Spend some time during your visit to Maasmechelen Village to appreciate the art and discover the richness of KRJST’s fabrics and imagination.  Click on the buttons below for more information about the art installation and KRJST.

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About ‘A New Wave of Extraordinary’


A new wave of extraordinary

KRJST Studio


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