Oli-B, the artist

As part of Maasmechelen Village’s ‘Best of Belgium’ campaign, from 29 April artist Oli-B is transforming the Village into an open-air gallery until the end of summer. His vibrant and colourful paintings will flow across the facades, into boutique windows and onto the boulevards. A dedicated exhibition space/pop-up boutique will further showcase the expanse of the artist’s creativity.

Oli-B is a painter, illustrator and street artist from Brussels, Belgium. His work incorporates a wide range of media from acrylic and spray paint as well as digital and screen printing. He works on a variety of surfaces including paper, canvas, wood and walls. His painting are characterised by a sense of fluidity – gentle curves, abstract forms that hint at, and escape from, the figurative. His chosen colours are emphatic but balanced, with strong composition binding everything together. Oli-B’s art – his ‘flow’ – is vibrant, energetic and full of life.


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