Restaurant Giuliano is the place to experience authentic Italian cuisine in its purest form - no-nonsense and for that reason, delicious. Pastas are served straight from the pot, therefore better preserving the enticing aromas. The pizzas are made to order by the chefs, using only the finest freshly prepared dough, topped by a tomato sauce made according to a secret recipe and homemade parmesan.

The family-owned restaurant is headed by Mr Giuliano. Hailing from Maasmechelen, but with his roots in Puglia, Italy, he discovered his passion for authentic Italian cuisine from an early age from his family. The famous southern hospitality is also palpable throughout the entire restaurant. You can even expect to see Mr Giuliano himself welcoming you to his restaurant. This is probably the most rewarding job for him: "You welcome the guests in, but you also see them on their way out. If they congratulate me on the high level of service and tell me they’ve enjoyed their food, then my day is complete.”

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