Le Pain Quotidien

Fresh croissants, fragrant coffee, a fresh avocado salad, ... At Le Pain Quotidien you can slide your legs under the table and enjoy a tasty and organic breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Open the large wooden doors and discover the advantages of the best cuisine in Belgium. The bright room with authentic keys is the ideal setting for a relaxing break while shopping. Set aside your shopping bags, sit down in the comfortable armchairs and soak up the atmosphere of freshly baked bread and tradition.

Really hungry or just a quick bite? At Le Pain Quotidien you don't have to choose. What began in 1990 as a unique breakfast house in Brussels grew into a contemporary restaurant with a varied menu. Spicy juices, classic desserts, bowls full of superfoods, ... A delicious and honest menu because Le Pain Quotidien gives priority to organic products that rotate with the seasons. Although there are also top dishes that are always appreciated. The Tartine Boeuf Basilic combines savoury sourdough bread with pure Belgian beef and a fresh basil oil. A favourite of the chef and the shopper!