We're celebrating Belgium

Our national holiday is on 21 July, but we celebrate this from 15 July until 28 July. First by focusing on our 100% Belgian boutiques, and then on the brands whose boutique in the Village is the only one in our country. 

Maasmechelen Village is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July from 10.00 to 22.00., our restaurants are open at 9.00.

Celebrate the National Holiday at Maasmechelen Village

Belgische burgers at Ellis Gourmet Burger

Did you know?

The word ‘SCAPA’ comes from Viking language Old Norse and means ‘refuge’, and coincidentally Scapa Flow, in Scotland, was the place where the brand’s founder first produced his exclusive sweaters, before moving to Belgium.

Essentiel began with a single T-shirt collection featuring just four styles created in the founders’ apartment in Antwerp, but managed to grow into a fully-fledged international prêt-à-porter collection in just four seasons.

Komono’, meaning ‘small things’, is the Japanese description for knick-knacks and small accessories – it’s the perfect name for the Japanese-inspired sleek design and minimalist aesthetic of this brand’s watches and sunglasses, which are versatile enough to suit every style.

Did you know?

River Woods launched its first men’s collection just one month after the company was founded, and has since grown into a luxury brand, combining American sportswear with European elegance in a casual-chic style with international allure.

Stijn Helsen gained international fame designing costumes for Hollywood movies including Spiderman, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Seabiscuit, and is now a world-famous couturier who counts Jean-Claude Van Damme, Keanu Reeves and Lenny Kravitz among his clients.

Sarah Pacini was brave enough to open a designer store in New York right next to Jean-Michel Cazabat and she intrigued fashion lovers and the press before the store opened, because she deliberately used absolutely no publicity when doing so.

Proud to be Belgian curated by Charles Kaisin

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Did you know?

Neuhaus, who started out as an apothecary, first came up with the idea of covering his medicines in fine chocolate to delight his customers, but this idea later evolved into the original Belgian praline as we know it today.

From the start, Brussels based Neuville has used the bustle of its hometown as an ongoing inspiration to develop its modern spirit by creating bags for independent and witty women.

The many different fluffy monkey key rings that come with every Kipling bag all have labels with a name on, which come from actual Kipling employees all over the world.