ACAF : The artists

Accessible Art Fair Pop-Up

This spring 13 artists guide you the way to renewing art. They will take you on a journey through Maasmechelen Village. Thanks to the Accessible Art Fair (ACAF) we bring art closer to our visitors. Maasmechelen Village becomes a place where art and lifestyle blend.

Discover the 13 artists from the 13th of March until the 7th of April



Italian self-taught painter Beddru has distinguished himself in contributing conceptual insight to the course of contemporary art by embracing experimentation of non-traditional materials, such as thick superposed plexiglas-panels. His figurative pictorial subjects are “unconformably” represented through ink-based mixed media, applied via reverse painting technique, inspired by Italian painters from the 1600s. By developing a variation of this technique, Beddru focuses on the use of vivid pigments to create a striking vibrancy as a distinctive trait of his style.



Growing up in an artistic background, BrieucC was taught drawing and painting as a child following the Martenot method. He gradually developed a sensory approach to art, learning to balance shapes, volumes and colours.

Thirty years later, he adopted a new creative approach, putting light at the centre of his artwork. The first piece of its kind, « The Door » is highly symbolic to BrieucC, marking the start of a new life. He decided to continue down this path, impelled by a deep urge to create, again and again.


Christian De Wulf

Christian is a graphic designer and trained psychotherapist. His artist studio is also where he conducts his therapy practice, a cross-fertilization that is key to Christian’s work. His canvases act as the expression of his study of the human psyche, and as a way for the viewer to explore their own frames of reference and emotions. Christian’s style is sculptural in nature, providing dimension as well as color to explore key themes of what it means to be a person within society.


Christian Dugardeyn

Christian Dugardeyn (DUGA) is a Belgian artist born in Brussels in 1963. He is an artist of emotion and free expression. He paints and sculpts viscerally, in a state of regression, on the sidelines of contemporary artistic currents. He gives free rein to his emotions through different techniques, drawing, painting and sculpture remaining his favorite mediums.


Daniela Vezzoler

Daniela Vezzoler is an Italian artist who lives and works between Brussels, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. She has taught design at the University of Naples and is member of their Art and Design Lab.

In her paintings Vezzoler develops an abstract vocabulary inspired by the connections between the conscious and subconscious. She creates a representation of dreams, where the imagination and reality gently dissolve into the other. Vezzoler is deeply interested in the effects of colour and brings a subtle and sophisticated feel to her paintings through a unique balance of colour, composition and texture. 


Dirk Lambrechts

In his search for the purest expression of beauty, the Belgian photographer Dirk Lambrechts (° 1962) explores the limits of a formal simplification of an image through a slow work of introspection and a perfectly mastered technique.

Dirk Lambrechts’s photos are a reflection of art history and a personal reflection inspired by the currents that flowed through it. The Antwerp artist claims in particular a filiation with the old masters of the chiaroscuro which he seeks to translate painting techniques in a form of modern artistic expression that is photography.


Fabien Huleux

With inspiration from the Asian culture and drawings, Okiko is a design studio based in Brussels. Poetry and design meeting at the very high point in every Okiko objects.

At the border between design and illustration, the AYAMI’S are light boxes. The pyrographed mirror allows the colored light’s (LED RVB) passage through an image which creates large areas with soft and light environments. /// AYAMI is a Japanese name meaning « Beautiful colors »


Francois Betting

François Betting balances figurattive and abstraction, calling the mind to wander in places of reverie. Colour is only a pulsation that fecundates the imagination, vibrating between austerity and euphoria.


Gus and Stella

The up-and-coming photographic duo ‘Gus & Stella’ rarely thinks inside the photo frame. With their refreshing and eclectic mix of photo, film, print and tactile collages they represent some of London’s finest new talent. Their ever-growing portfolio shooting for brands like Topshop and shooting people like Laura Bailey and Jade Parfitt already shows their worth. A more than promising couple with the right attitude and focus.


Kurt Deruyter

Kurt Deruyter is a photographer who has been studying the relationship between humans and their environment for the past twenty years. This research brought him to widely divergent places, such as to the nomads of the Siberian steppe but also to the arrival areas of the migrants in European cities.


Marie Wynants

Marie Wynants’ pictures are inspired by her early years as a professional dancer. The inherent elegance of the human body and it’s physical limitations are the central theme through her artistic output.

Being the playful, voyeuristic photographer that she is, she loves to tease, imbalance and detach her subjects, and the viewer, from their natural (e) motions.

Aside from her shoots with fashion brands like Ann Demeulemeester, Delvaux, multiple awards and nominations for her work as a video director, Marie Wynants most importantly became critically acclaimed with her iconic pictures for Oscar & The Wolf’ Max Colombie.


Saskia De Tollenaere

A concept in which icons and muses reincarnate through the creation of the artist. Life after death is a metaphysical concept, which means that the consciousness of a man does not end with death, but continues in some form after dying. Saskia de Tollenaere’s precious icons emerge from a panoply of references, including Victorian England, Japaneseculture and royal history. They are the image of death, yet they contain the breath of life. The great mystery and beauty of creation. It’s all about story telling.


Yann Guitton

Yann Guitton is a French artist and graphic designer. Born in Brittany in 1965, he studied Design and Typography at the École des Beaux Arts in Nice and subsequently worked as an art direc-tor in London and Paris.

His early work as an artist focussed on the graphic language of urban envi-ronments and in the late 90’s,

after a memorable trip to St Petersburg, he was inspired to begin his ongoing series named ‘outsized artifacts’ which proposes perfect replicas of oversized, worn-out and often expired banknotes. Also including postage stamps, this body of work became a remarkable commentary on the medium of currency and its passage through time, with all the memories it can trigger.