March 13th until April 7th 2019

This spring 13 artists guide you the way to renewing art. They will take you on a journey through Maasmechelen Village. Thanks to the Accessible Art Fair (ACAF) we bring art closer to our visitors. Maasmechelen Village becomes a place where art and lifestyle blend.

Where art, fashion and gastronomy meet

Opening doors, taking down walls

For the 13th time curator Stephanie Manasseh creates an intimate platform between artist and collector enabling a unique experience to discover art through the eyes of the creator.

The metropolises of Brussels and New York have been home to ACAF in the past. This spring Maasmechelen Village has the honour to host the ACAF Pop-Up. 13 carefully selected, emerging artists present their work. Art comes to life all over our Village. You can explore ACAF in every street, you will experience fine arts on several locations.

Also the boutiques and restaurants will, exclusively for this occasion, be submerged in an artistic atmosphere.

The artists

Beddru, Brieucc, Christian De Wulf, Christian Dugardeyn, Daniela Vezzoler, Dirk Lambrechts, Fabien Huleux, Francois Betting, Gus and Stella, Kurt Deruyter, Marie Wynants, Saskia De Tollenaere, Yann Guitton