From August 31 to October 13

This September, we’re organizing a special Manneken Pis route with lots of chances to win prizes! Manneken Pis, the landmark sculpture in the capital of Brussels of just 61 cm high, is a symbol of independence of mind and sense of humour.

We invite you to enjoy the best of Belgium with a tour of more than 100 boutiques of international and national luxury brands.

How do you win instant prizes?

That’s literally easy as 1-2-3:

1. Maasmechelen Village is divided into three coloured zones. When you make a purchase, you will receive a Manneken Pis sticker in the colour of the area where the boutique is located.

2. Collect the Manneken Pis stickers in all three colours, and go to the Tourist Information Centre to receive a unique code.

3. Enter your code here to discover if you have won a fantastic instant prize. The more you shop, the more instant gifts you can win!

What are the prizes?

As soon as you have collected the Manneken Pis stickers in all three colours and have entered your unique code, you’ll instantly see if you have won:

- A € 50 gift card

- A € 20 gift card, or

- A complimentary drink

Use a joker! 

To be able to one of the great prizes even faster, you can use a joker from 14 September to 13 October. How does it work? That’s easy: if you have collected two coloured Manneken Pis stickers, use the joker to immediately complete your sticker sheet. For example, if you have a black and yellow Manneken Pis sticker, your joker serves as a red sticker.

This joker, a sticker of the Belgian tricolor, is available at the boutiques from Belgian Brands and the 100th Territory pop-up boutique.

Enjoy a September stocked with prizes.