‘Exercise more’ with up to –60% off!


So your New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more? Begin right here, right now! The boutiques at Maasmechelen Village offer everything you need, now with up to an additonal 60% off, to stay warm, healthy and in style during your daily training session. Bonus: here are 7 tips to keep you going!

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How to realise the No. 1 New Year’s Resolution...

1. Layers, layers, layers

The right outfit for practicing outdoor sports in winter is like a millefeuille. In other words: wear several thin layers that make the whole ensemble work. You can combine a sports bra with a shirt that transports moisture away from the skin and as the final layer a signature, supersoft track jacket is just perfect to shield you from wind. The finishing touch: the socks. This outfit will definitely keep you from resorting to the treadmill.

laagjes.jpeg 61BA18E6-E86C-4C86-8390-BDC9576333EF.jpeg

2. The right thermowear

When it’s freezing, you might want to wear thermal underwear. Does this mean you’ll be sweating in a mohair tank top? Oh no! At Maasmechelen Village we have some great thermowear that feels super pleasant on the skin. Like this dark blue leggings and a black Ergonomic Sport System jacket.


3. Bring a friend

Grab your bestie by the arm and pick out at least one day a week to meet. Your chances of making it to the sport session will be so much higher, because you’ll keep each other motivated. Do some stretching together (warm up and avoid injuries!) and in no time you’ll both reach that awesome runners high. We bet you’ll be going back for more.

motiveer elkaar.jpeg

4. A beanie is something cool to keep you warm

Doesn’t this beanie match perfectly with the black and white runners’ outfit? Since a lot of body heat leaves your body through your head, a beanie is a must for practicing outdoor sports. This one adds cool vibes to your look, so that’s a bonus! Also, the head band, just to cover your ears with, feels like a true life saver when temperatures have dropped below zero.

beanie.jpeg beanie prod.jpeg

5. Accessorize!

Do you like listening to music that gives you a boost? Or do you keep track of your speed and distance using your Smartphone? Choose convenient accessories for that. If it's too slippery outside and you surrender to the gym, there are really nice and comfortable sport bags to take with you at our Village.

accessorize 1.jpeg accessorize prod.jpeg

6. No rain, no gain

Staying hydrated is one thing, getting wet another. The latter, you might just want to avoid. The top layer is a blue jacket that not only protects your body from the cold, biting wind, but will also keep you nice and dry.

houd het droog.jpeg