Valentine’s tip: Musketon at Maasmechelen Village


This year we highlight Valentine in a unique way at Maasmechelen Village. Therefor we invited graphic designer and artist Musketon.

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My new love, Maasmechelen Village.

The work by artist Musketon (the alter ego of Bert Dries, born in Limburg in 1989) is shown on a variety of the boutique windows in Maasmechelen Village these days. Beautiful? Absolutely! Corny? Maybe a little bit. But you have to admit that some extra romantic vibes are allowed this time of year, right? This out-of-the-box way to bring romance to our Village is definitely worth discovering.

Does the name Musketon ring a bell? Possibly. Bert Dries is a well-known name, even abroad. The music video he made with The Chainsmokers has already over one million views on YouTube.

When talking about Valentine’s Day and love, we can add that creative work is something Musketon is very much in love with. He says himself that “The jump to Adobe Illustrator was the first time he really fell in love.” Ohhh!

Spot the art work on different boutique windows at Maasmechelen Village. Discover all of them and share your experience through Facebook and Instagram !

Cover picture by Nanja Massy

Musketon_Love_ValentineMMV_04.jpg Musketon_Love_ValentineMMV_03.jpg