The make-up look for everyday


No outfit is complete without the right make-up. We’ve collected a few insider tips about the latest make-up trends from this fall/winter.

The make-up look for every day

No outfit is complete without the right make-up.


Matching nails and lips

You probably know the must-follow make-up rules such as : “do not combine bold eye make-up with a bold lipstick”. There’s another one you need to know : match your nail polish with the colours of your lips.


Nude with an accent on the lips

Allthough the name nude refers to a “naked” face, this Instagram-hit stands for neutral make-up colours, such as beige, skin colour and light brown with some peachy accents for the face, eyes and lips. Nude make-up is perfect for all skin tones. The nude trend differs from the no-make-up-look because you work with multiple finishes from the same neutral shades.


Smokey eyes during the day

Smokey eyes are without doubt one of the most popular make-up looks. Not all smokey eye-creations have to be dark and intense. You can also make a subtle smokey eye for during the day who gives your eyes more dimension.