This is how you wear logos


Let’s go logo! This spring you can let your personality pop out through your outfit. The logo trend takes us back to a the nineties and its streetwear. Does this mean a hint of nostalgia or a brand new trend for you? 

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At Maasmechelen Village you (re)discover the logomania brands: Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Armani, Versace, Diesel, Lacoste, Levi’s, Puma, Michael Kors, Guess en SuperDry.


You got it, flaunt it!

The must-have items on which logos can be shown full size are of course the basics. Tommy Hilfiger on you jacket or socks? Calvin Klein displayed on your cap? Basic fashion items are being lifted to a higher level.



Logomania means urban at its best. You can wear this trend though but still classy prove brands like Armani and Versace. This dress by Versace in combination with the oversized Diesel bag makes you look super feminine. Even though a firm dose of no-nonsense flair has been added for that extra special touch.




Sportswear/ loungewear and logos go together like Britney and Justin did in 1999. The difference: in 2019 the brand logos by Nike, Puma, Björn Borg… and activewear are still inseparable.




Nineties vibes are radiating off an all-denim look as if it was meant to be. This look is already an eyecatcher, so let’s opt for a more subtle logo. The Levi’s logo on the pockets for example. A fun detail!