25 August

On 25 August the Village is hosting a meet-and-greet with five big names from the video-streaming platform, including Michiel Callebaut, Celine Dept, Elisa Bruart, Steffi Mercie and Marco Rondas.

The day will kick off with the first session at 11.00, where 250 lucky guests will have two hours to meet the TikTokers. The second two-hour slot at 13.30 will have space for 300 fans, while the third session, at 16.30, gives another 250 guests the chance to say hello.

From their favourite creator to follow to how they come up with ideas for their videos, get ready to ask them anything and everything. For your chance to meet and greet the famous creators, register now.


You watch their every move and you’ve probably remade more than one of their videos, and now you’ve got the chance to meet you favourite TikTokers at Maasmechelen Village.