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Skincare investment
As I've got older, my list of skincare concerns has not only got longer but also more specific. Long gone are the days of renewing my skincare routine every month, I’m now focused on finding holy grail products that I can rely on year after year. A generic high-street chemists’ cleanser just doesn't cut it anymore, and if there's one thing you can justify investing in, it has got to be your skin. Think skin-loving elixirs, rejuvenating masks and miracle cleansers!

The triple effect
After a long day at the office, there's nothing more exciting than removing all the of the day's grime, jumping straight into my pyjamas and forgetting about the beauty queen I felt like at 8 am. With that said, ensuring I’ve gone the extra mile and incorporated three crucial steps (cleanse, tone, moisturise) into my regime makes such a difference to my skin. If I use a night cream, serum or oil to treat myself, I really notice the results overnight. So, 2016 is going to be all about the ‘triple ef-fect’ – an extra five minutes out of my evening to ensure my skin gets the pampering it deserves.

Time to give back
I’m going to start volunteering this year - being wrapped up in such digital, materialistic lives means we often forget there are elderly people that aren't fortunate enough to have the simple but vital love from family and friends to get by. Dedicating even just an hour out of your week can make someone’s day and I think it’s really important to show older generations that they aren’t being left behind in this fast-paced age.

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Reduce your sugar levels

Looking for a health reset? Have a go at reducing your refined sugar levels and keep a record of not just how you look, but how you feel. Although we should make every effort to cook our food from scratch, it’s not always possible or convenient. It’s ok to give into sweet cravings every now and again, just opt for small amounts of coconut sugar, raw honey or maple syrup instead. Your body will thank you. Since sugar is hidden in many processed and pre-packaged foods from bread to to-mato sauce, make it a habit to check your food labels this year.

Stress less

Juggling work, family and everyday life pressures can really take its toll and, sadly, high levels of long-term stress can have serious implications on our body and mind. It's important we learn to switch off, so make it your mission to take up just one exercise class you enjoy to boost your lym-phatic system. Even better, try incorporating yoga or mediation into your daily routine. Switching your phone off for an evening and having a much-needed break from email and social media will also work wonders.

Be kind to yourself

This year, work on being the healthiest and most balanced person you can be, but do it for yourself. Don’t strive for a particular body type that might be unachievable. Making small adjustments and setting goals that are realistic for your own body can have a massive impact on your long-term health and will be much more beneficial than trying to follow a restrictive lifestyle. Over the years, I've developed some tasty yet healthy dishes, but I’ve also focused on my overall wellbeing. There's something very powerful in learning to love your natural shape and reaching a place of peace with your body.

Natalie's cookbook Balanced Being: Simple & Delicious Healthy Recipes is now available from Am-azon in paperback and for Kindle.

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Buy less, choose well
Rather than buying cheaper pieces in bulk, look for leather, cashmere and wool clothes of the high-est quality – particularly when it comes to everyday pieces like a warm winter coat or stylish pair of brogues. Despite having a wardrobe that’s completely full, I still have days where I’m adamant that I have nothing to wear. So I’m currently trying to refine my wardrobe and develop a capsule collec-tion of beautiful pieces that I’ll cherish for years.

Let go of pieces
I’ve been passionate about fashion from an early age and was always on the lookout for new must-haves. However, I had an awful habit of buying everything in different colours and materials with-out being 100% sure that I even liked them. Desperate for clarity, I decided to sort through my en-tire wardrobe and get rid of all of the clothes that I never wore. Now, when I open my wardrobe, I only see the pieces I love – it makes styling an outfit each day so much more enjoyable.

Invest in the basics
A huge fan of basics, I’m now very particular about finding the perfect staple. Keep it simple and make sure you have quality trousers, jackets, T-shirts and cashmere knits in muted tones as a base. You can then get creative and build upon them with more statement pieces.

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Get creative with patterns
I usually stay consistent and mix together solid colours with neutral tones when designing a space. Recently, though, I’ve been falling for bold and exciting patterns. So, this year I’m going to infuse more of these pops into my decor and invest in accent pieces such as cushions, rugs or pieces of ab-stract artwork.

Classic pieces are key
It’s a goal of mine for 2016 to focus on finding timeless homeware that I can grow over the years. As an interior design addict, I tend to be constantly building my collection of decorative pieces. Although this is great for keeping up with visual trends, I’ve noticed many of my pieces are now mismatched or don't make a complete set.

Look for copper accents
I’ve always been a fan of metallic details in the home – copper furniture is a firm favourite of mine at the moment. I especially love it paired against a neutral background colour and I’m really looking forward to adding more of this into my designs this year. Think distressed copper table lamps and soft grey walls, perfection!

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